Inventory reduction/Waste reduction through purchasing management

During the production process of products, use a large amount of water, energy, and other resources.

In the apparel sector, too, there are issues such as unsold items due to overproduction in anticipation of mass consumption, the generation of inventory, and CO2 emissions due to the incineration of waste.

In order to minimize our impact on climate change, we are taking measures to avoid overproducing products and reducing unsold inventory, considering the impact on the environment.

We will reduce wasteful production through the following activities and measures. We also aim to minimize the final disposal of slow-moving inventory by promoting sales in each channel.

1. Optimization of purchasing

Anticipating demand, we are reforming our MD to improve delivery accuracy and QR accuracy.

2. Improve production planning accuracy

We are able to respond to flexible production plans, such as pre-order orders and made-to-order production through crowdfunding.

3. Improved digestibility

Improve product digestibility through quick response and flexible additional production.

4. Reduction of samples

Use 3D cad to reduce the number of samples to be made.