Green Logistics

Sanyo promotes the reduction, reuse, and recycling of plastics in the logistics process in order to reduce CO2 emissions, resource usage, and waste volume, with consideration for the global environment and aiming for logistics with a low environmental impact. We will continue to work on reducing the use of plastic resources and recycling materials.


Participation in Plastic Resource Recycling Business

Waste from hangar covers and other plastic bags for product packaging generated during the supply chain in the apparel industry, despite the fact that waste plastics are discharged under extremely clean conditions, has so far been limited to thermal recovery (heat recovery). This has required the establishment of a cross-sectional material recycling system that transcends the boundaries of companies.

In order to promote the reuse and recycling of packaging materials in the logistics process, we participated in two demonstration projects in 2021 and have been engaged in material recycling of plastic resources.

Demonstration projects in which our company has participated so far

  • June to August 2021 Tokyo "Demonstration project for plastic resource circulation"
  • November 2021 to end of March 2022 Demonstration project "POOL PROJECT TOKYO"

Participating in CicroMate, a new resource circulation platform for apparel logistics

Based on the above demonstration project, we will be participating in CicroMate, a resource circulation platform led by Senko Shoji and collaborating with apparel companies, since December 2023.

In the future, by participating in this resource recycling project, we will realize horizontal recycling of plastic bags for product packaging.

Business image of resource circulation platform "CicroMate"

Recovered plastic

Volume reduction at distribution center

Resin pellets

Promotion of circular hangers

Through partnerships with industry organizations, we are building sustainable operations for recirculating hanger systems.

Metrics and Targets

Material recycling rate of plastic packaging for hanger covers and cut-and-sew knitwears: 50% (FY2030)

Actual Progress

Recycling plastic packaging materials

  FY2021 FY2022 FY2023
Material recycling rate of plastic packaging for hanger covers and cut-and-sew knitwears 3.9% 6.3% 11.5%