Corporate Policy and Management Philosophy

Corporate Policy

"Truth, Goodness, Beauty"

Founder Nobuyuki Yoshihara resonated with the concept of "Beauty in Use" advocated by Soetsu Yanagi, the father of the Mingei movement, which states, "True goodness meeting brings forth beauty. When goodness serves function, it leads to beauty." Yoshihara expressed the spirit of craftsmanship that considers the hands and processes of a group of craftsmen, stating, "Ready-made clothing based on the hands and processes of a group of technicians is a craft, that is, a world of function and beauty." As a guiding principle for our relentless pursuit of craftsmanship, the company adopted "Truth, Goodness, Beauty" as its corporate policy.

Management Philosophy

We create social value by providing fashions and apparel that enrich the lifestyles of customers everywhere.


Sanyo Shokai tagline "TIMELESS WORK. ほんとうにいいものをつくろう。"

TIMELESS "TIMELESS WORK." represents our credo of "Truth, Goodness, Beauty" and our goal of "manufacturing by craftsmen that provides timeless value", and we have reexamined our position in the market and adopted this message in order to become a company that citizens can identify with and love.