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Picture of the Representative Director and President Shinji Oe

In particular, the fashion industry faces a wide range of environmental and social issues, including climate change caused by global warming, responsible procurement such as human rights issues, the realization of a recycling-oriented society, and changes in human capital management.

In order to play a part in resolving these issues, our company identified and announced four materialities; "Contribution to a sustainable global environment," "Efforts toward a circular economy," "Further promotion of CSR procurement," and "Creating a rewarding workplace that respects diversity" last year. We have set quantitative targets for each of these four materialities and are promoting individual action plans to achieve them.

In promoting the action plan, each employee will work on their own issues, and we will deepen our partnership and work together to address major issues throughout the supply chain.

In addition, regarding "Efforts toward a circular economy," we are preparing to realize a reuse business unique to our company as a new initiative, and are determined to take on the challenge of both contributing to a recycling-oriented society and creating a sustainable business model.

Our company will continue to promote our business with the goal of contributing to the realization of a sustainable society throughout the company. We ask for your continued understanding and support in the future.

March 2024

Representative Director and President

Shinji Oe

Picture of the Outside Director Kayo Murakami

Message from Outside Director

Among the four materialities mentioned in President Oe's message, we are paying particular attention to "Creating a rewarding workplace that respects diversity." This is precisely the area of human capital management. Human capital management is said to be "management that rebuilds the foundation for fully demonstrating the human capital (skills and know-how) of individuals and creates sustainable competitiveness." (See Note)

As an apparel company, Sanyo is currently using IT/Digital to strengthen its CRM, EC and establish a mutually complementary structure with brick-and-mortar stores. On the other hand, IT/digitization is only a tool and a tool. "People (employees) are the capital" that makes use of this capital in business and management to grow the company. This is the idea of returning to the starting point for us today.

Human capital is strongly influenced by the organization, systems, environment, and internal culture of the better or the worse. Today, there is no question that many advanced companies have recognized "human capital management" as an issue and have begun initiatives with this in mind, and it can be said that the time has come for us as well.

We have recently formulated 11 metrics and targets related to human capital management and declared the fiscal year in which each target was achieved. We have established our own indices for growth as an apparel company, including the ratio of women in managerial positions, which is a legally mandated index, and the ratio of new graduate career-track employees who are 40 years old engaged in three job categories or two brands in accordance with our human capital policy.

We expect that these initiatives will lead to an increase in corporate value, and will continue to provide support as an Outside Director. We look forward to your continued understanding and cooperation.


From Chuo University Professor Tomoyuki Shimanuki, Hitotsubashi Business Review 2023 SUM.

March 2024

Outside Director

Kayo Murakami