Promotion of ECOALF business

In March 2020, Sanyo launched the Spanish-born sustainable fashion brand ECOALF in Japan. We sell our products at directly managed stores and EC.

ECOALF's logo

About "ECOALF"

Under the slogan "Because there is no planet B", ECOALF is a sustainable fashion brand launched in Spain in 2009 that manufactures and sells all items using recycled materials and natural materials with low environmental impact.

With the fashion industry being said to be the world's second-largest industry to pollute the environment, ECOALF has used its proprietary technology to recycle PET bottles, tires, fishing nets, etc. to develop over 400 different fabrics and create new products.

Photo of shoes
Photo of sandals
Photo of a jackets

UPCYCLING THE OCEANS to collect marine waste and ACT NOW!, an awareness-raising activity

In addition, we are promoting UPCYCLING THE OCEANS, a project to collect marine waste and utilize it in new products. We also engage in ACT NOW!, an awareness campaign to encourage people to face environmental issues as a fashion brand. We approach companies, organizations, and individuals who are highly interested in environmental issues or who are facing to solve problems, and plan and implement discussions and activities at stores and outdoors.

We hope that by sharing the problems that people face from their respective fields, it will become a place where people can raise their awareness of the environment and find solutions to problems.

Future Activities

We intend to promote UPCYCLING THE OCEANS Japan and develop recycling-oriented products domestically.
As a specific example of our past activities, we sorted and recycled PET bottles from marine garbage collected through clean-up events in Shima City and other events, and sold UTO JAPAN T Shirts, the first of our products that have been produced consistently domestically through our own route.

As a cross-industry initiative, we collaborated with Asahi Group Holdings in the clothing and food fields to launch UPCYCLE B project. This project proposes a sustainable lifestyle for the next generation. Panasonic Holdings became the first apparel company to use "kinari", a high-concentration cellulosic fiber molding material, as a secondary material to jointly develop low-environmental-impact button and other products.
We have participated in Epson's Apparel 3D Solution × Inventory-Free Business Concept, and have worked together to develop experimental products by selling custom-order dresses that reduce water consumption in prototypes, inventory-free, and printing processes.
Going forward, we will continue to communicate not only fashion but also sustainable lifestyles for the future in collaboration with governments, companies, and organizations working on SDGs that transcend industry-wide barriers.