Promotion of long-term wearing

At Sanyo, we strive to produce products that our customers love for a long time, giving consideration to appropriate production quantities.
Customer support responds to customer inquiries about our products, while repair support allows customers to repair their clothes for a fee.

In addition, the 100-Year Coat, a product with an owner's plan, offers support for long-term use of a variety of clothing, including periodic examinations of coats purchased by customers.
In product manufacturing, we have established our own management and operation standards to ensure the supply of safe and secure quality. We believe that manufacturing products that can be used for a long time by "putting our commitment to technology and quality" into a single piece of clothing will lead to consideration for the environment.

Customer Support

We provide support for the use of clothing, such as providing information on the maintenance of clothing and repairing accessories.
In addition, we will strive to communicate and respond in a spirit of hospitality, from stores to online, and listen to customers' voices through questionnaires, fan meetings, and other means. In this way, we will build partnerships that will enable customers to be able to help when they are in trouble with their post-purchase concerns or clothing.

SANYO Repair Support

SANYO Repair Support is a fee-based service for repairing clothing manufactured and sold by Sanyo that helps customers keep wearing clothing for a long time.
We will not only protect the earth's limited resources, but also nurture a spirit of valuing things.

100-year Owner Plan

We have an owner plan for the 100-Year Coat, which includes repairs and periodic audits every three years.
Through the "100-Year Coat", which aims to be loved by all generations while taking care of it, we will convey the spirit of valuing things.