Manufacturing products using environmentally friendly materials

As a manufacturing company, Sanyo takes a sustainable perspective and reduces the environmental impact of its business activities by reviewing the raw materials and materials used in its products. We will also propose and provide sustainable fashion to our customers.
We will reduce our environmental impact by increasing the use of environmentally friendly materials that generate less CO2 and consume less water. We will also procure environmentally friendly raw materials and develop products.

We will promote sustainable activities by providing high-quality products that customers will use for a long time, based on our tagline, "TIMELESS WORK. Let's make really good products".

In 2022, we defined environmentally-friendly materials as the criteria for our targets.

These voluntary standards were determined by the Sustainability Committee after consultation with major suppliers in Japan, with reference to the standards of ECOALF, a precedent in other countries. Our goal is to use environmentally friendly materials for 30% of our total production volume by fi fiscal 2030.

Material classification Examples of materials
Recycled materials Recycled cotton
Recycled wool
Recycled polyester
Recycled nylon
Recycling down
Recycled fiber/Semisynthetic fiber Cupra
Organic materials Organic cotton
Other Sustainability Materials Hemp
Biomass materials(PLA, etc.)
Unstained/Plant dyeing, etc.
  • While recycled fibers contribute to reducing GHG emissions, there is a view that the use of hazardous chemicals and the extraction of raw materials, which have adverse effects on the environment and human health, lead to deforestation.
  • Virgin cotton, whether organic or not, uses a lot of water, so it is recommended to use recycled cotton whenever possible.
  • To be updated as necessary

Metrics and Targets

Usage rate of environmental friendly materials in total production volume: 30% (FY2030)

Actual progress

Usage of environmental friendly materials

Usage rate of environmental friendly materials in total production volume 19.4%
In-house incentive system

Establishment of sustainable award in SANYO awards (product category)

To promote the development of superior products from a sustainable perspective, we established the Sustainable Award in the product category of SANYO Awards*. The Sustainable Award, which was newly established in fiscal 2022, covers products produced and sold by all of our brands. Selection is made based on a comprehensive assessment of sustainability considerations, content of initiatives, topicality, and digestion rate. We also provide incentives to employees who are involved in the planning of award-winning products.

In fiscal 2022, the first year of the program, we received an award for our "MACKINTOSH PHILOSOPHY" men's products. The brand replaced its mainstay business jackets and slacks with recycled materials.

  • SANYO Awards: The name of the in-house award, which had been held continuously as a salesperson award ceremony for many years, was changed to SANYO Awards in 2017, and was expanded by adding the Product Division to the Retail Division. Through this in-house award, we aim to increase the motivation of our employees, who provide integrated services from product development to sales, and to provide product development and services that further meet the needs of consumers and society.

Award-winning products

Sustainable Award in the product category of SANYO awards 2022

MACKINTOSH PHILOSOPHY Photo of Y"Trotter Blazer #096Y"

"Trotter Blazer #096"

Points of selection

  • Implementing sustainable initiatives for mainstay product series
  • Used recycled polyester yarn from clothes
  • Can be washed at home
  • The replacement buttons change the atmosphere so that you can use it for a long time (only available in store colors)