Development of Human Resources who will create the future

Sanyo defines the human resources needed for sustainable growth as "apparel business professionals," "back-office professionals," and "IT/DX human resources." We will strive to recruit and train human resources who will be responsible for the growth and development of our business in response to social changes, and to pass on this know-how.

In addition, in order to realize stable management in the future, we will formulate a management executive development plan and work to identify, develop, and appoint management personnel.

Career track development

1. Basic education for the development of "autonomous human resources"

Five years after joining the company, we have set the period for training basic human resources, and we are putting effort into the development of young human resources.

In addition to OJT system at the time of joining the Company, the Company aims to develop the careers of young employees in a multifaceted manner and foster them into individuals with a wealth of autonomy and creativity by conducting group training in Off-JT held regularly and career interviews by the Human Resources Department.

2. Level-specific training

Training is provided for each qualification, grade, and position in order to demonstrate and improve further abilities in terms of skills, thinking, and action, according to role expectations in the organization.

We will also develop and secure future executive candidates for each generation.

3. Capacity Development

We are focusing on developing the expertise and skills necessary for each division's operations.

In addition, we conduct training aimed at raising awareness of the roles required of next-generation leaders as career development and improving their leadership and communication skills.

4. Management capacity building

We continue to educate managers who will be responsible for the future.

The goal is to develop management skills that respect individuality, incorporate various values, raise the awareness of subordinates for improvement and self-development, and improve the productivity of the entire team.

5. Support for Acquisition of Qualifications

In order to encourage employees to acquire certified qualifications that are necessary for their work, we support employees in their further career development by dispatching them to correspondence courses and external educational institutions.

6. Self-reporting system

We have established a system for all employees to freely file opinions on their wishes for transfer and their own careers, etc.

By realizing personnel transfers and assignments that take into account the aspirations and aptitudes of individual employees, we can develop the abilities of individual employees, increase motivation.

7. Re-learning

By providing all employees with opportunities for voluntary re-learning, we will foster a corporate culture that cultivates fields that can play an active role in conjunction with our Strategy and organizational needs.

In addition, we will strengthen our organizational capabilities by promoting job rotation and reassignment to fields where employees can utilize their past backgrounds, newly acquired knowledge and skills.

Career-track Training System Chart
Sales personnel development

1. Training for new employees

For five years after joining the company, in addition to OJT system, we aim to develop the careers of young personnel and cultivate human resources who will play a central role in future store management by holding regular Off-JT group training sessions and conducting career interviews by the Human Resources Department.

In addition, when hiring mid-career hires, we will acquire the knowledge and skills required of our sales staff through new employment training and develop them into professional sales staff.

2. Training by Tier or by Appointment

We provide training for store managers, deputy store managers, mid-level staff, and staff to develop the skills required for each role and to acquire the knowledge required for their work. This training is carried out in cooperation between their department and the Human Resources Department.

3. Certification of expert salespeople

In fiscal 2023, we began accrediting expert salespeople.

Professional salespeople who contribute to the achievement of sales and other goals at each sales floor, possess and demonstrate a high level of expertise (sales capabilities) in sales operations at stores, and serve as models for sales positions representing the brand are certified as "expert positions."

In fiscal 2023, 13 employees were certified from sales floors nationwide.

4. Promotion system

We support career advancement by utilizing our sales job experience to convert to other job types.

In fiscal 2023, 21 employees from sales floors nationwide were working to improve their careers.

5. In-House Reward System

Since 1986, we have been awarding stores and salespeople with a performance above a certain standard once a year, particularly those recognized as outstanding.

In addition, the in-house award system encourages employees to disseminate the corporate philosophy.

6. SANYO role playing

Our efforts to improve customer service began with a role-playing contest in 2010, and since 2017 have developed into a nationwide role-playing workshop.

In fiscal 2024, this will be labeled as SANYO role-playing and will be implemented in a new form.

By sharing customer service styles centered on SANYO Service Policy of excellent sales staff, we will be able to improve customer service.

  • SANYO servicing policy
    As a means for all employees to standardize customer-oriented and frontline-oriented mindset and to place the focus, ideas, and statements on the foundation of operations

We have formulated SANYO Service Policy.

1.We consider all our business activities to be for our customers.

1.We exist to make our customers happy.

1.We will respond sincerely to our customers.

Sales Training System Chart
Actual progress

Results of Training Participation

  FY2021 FY2022 FY2023
Number of seminar participants Total 188 Total 807 Total 2,378

Workshop for each job ladder

Training Name/Item Training hours per person FY2021 FY2022 FY2023 Purpose and content of the training
Training new recruits 81 to 100 hours 0 0 49 The aim is to develop human resources who can quickly become capable of performing their duties while understanding and executing their regular duties. We provide training to learn the basics of the apparel business and to promote understanding of the content of business practices and their roles.
(Target: New employees)
Training for junior employees 22 to 30 hours 0 22 10 The aim is to develop them into core human resources who will be responsible for future business development. Training is conducted to acquire the skills and knowledge required for the execution of required business practices.
(Target: Employees up to the fifth year of employment)
Mid-career training 8 hours 0 25 0 As a core member of the workplace, we aim to develop human resources who can provide guidance and development for juniors. We provide training to promote understanding of the roles expected of mid-career employees in order to fulfill their duties while demonstrating leadership.
(Target: Employees from 6th to 10th year)
e-learning for young to mid-level employees 8 to 10 hours 0 0 34 In addition to regular group training, we conduct e-learning to enhance the knowledge required for practical business and the wide range of knowledge required for the apparel business.
(Target: Employees from 5th to 10th year)
Next management training 8 hours 0 0 25 The aim is to develop human resources who are aware of their roles as candidates for the next management position and who can take on the guidance and development of subordinates. Training is provided to cultivate management skills and acquire the necessary knowledge as a next-generation manager.
(Target: Candidates for the next management position)
Training for employees who changed job types 8 to 10 hours 0 24 46 The aim is to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for job types after promotion. Training is conducted to promote understanding of the roles that they are expected to play in the performance of their duties and to remind them of their responsibilities.
(Target: Employees appointed (job type changers))
Training for newly appointed managers 8 hours 80 25 16 We are aware of the roles expected of managerial-level personnel, and provide training to acquire management skills to improve organizational capabilities.
(Target: Newly appointed managers)
Executive training program 8 hours 108 0 50 We provide training to improve management skills by understanding company-wide policies and management Strategy and acquiring decision-making and thought abilities to achieve management goals.
(Target: Department managers to section managers)
  • Total number of participants

Themed sessions

Training Name/Item Training hours per person FY2021 FY2022 FY2023 Purpose and content of the training
Career design training 8 hours 0 0 63 In order to realize our vision for the future through work, we conduct training to clarify the necessary preparations and issues for the expected roles in the future.
(Targets: Young, mid-level, middle-level, and senior employees)
Compliance training 2 to 3 hours 0 0 1,320 By having each employee learn about the importance of Compliance and deepen their understanding of it, we conduct training aimed at building an organizational culture that prevents violations (laws, internal rules) and fraud from occurring.
(Target: All employees)
Diversity training 1.5 to 3 hours 0 633 167 By learning and understanding Basic Approach as an initiative to promote diversity, we conduct training that leads to changes in individual awareness and behavioral changes.
(Target: All employees)
Women's Empowerment Training 5 hours 0 29 26
  • Training is provided to enhance the skills required as a leader and the ability of subordinates to train and train them to build their careers.
    (Target: Candidates for female managers)
  • We will provide training for managers to encourage women to change their attitudes toward career development and to promote support for women to take active roles in the workplace.
    (Target: Managers)
Employment training for people with disabilities 1.5 to 2 hours 0 49 572 We conduct training with the aim of understanding the social role of employment of people with disabilities required by a company and acquiring the necessary knowledge.
(Target: All employees)
  • Total number of participants

Self-improvement support

Contents FY2021 FY2022 FY2023 Contents
Correspondence education 68 46 64 We provide opportunities for employees to learn voluntarily as one of our support for career development, which leads to the acquisition of knowledge and the improvement of skills.
  • Number of participants in self-development programs

Support for acquisition of qualifications

検定・資格試験 FY2021 FY2022 FY2023 Contents
Skills Test (TES) 0 1 1 We support the acquisition of qualifications related to technology and quality with the aim of passing on know-how in the development of high-quality/high-value-added products.
JASP sales professionals 3 3 1 The Japan Professional Sales Representative Association (JASPA) helps employees acquire qualifications to improve their skills and promote long-term career development in their sales positions.
  • Person earning credential