Employee health management

In light of the rising risk of lifestyle-related diseases and the increasing number of people experiencing mental health problems in modern societies, we recognize the importance of conducting Employee health management in order for each individual to realize their full potential.

We aim to enhance our human resources and achieve sustainable growth as a company through the creation of a workplace where employees can continue to work energetically and maintain good mental and physical health.

Organizational Structure for Health Management

Sanyo promotes Employee health management with the head of the General Manager of Personnel & Administration HQ (concurrently serving as the head of the Health Insurance Society).

The Personnel & Administration HQ and the Health Insurance Union work together with labor unions, industrial physicians, public health nurses, and mental health counselors to maintain and promote employee health.


For regular employee health checkups (hereinafter referred to as "medical checkups"), we have added a white blood cell test, etc. to general statutory items, and for employees 35 years of age or older, we have added items for medical checkups for lifestyle-related diseases (HbA1c and fasting blood sugar tests, etc.).

Based on the results of these medical checkups, we will provide health guidance to each individual in cooperation with the health insurance association.

With regard to mental health care, in addition to the stress checks stipulated by law, we conduct organizational audits that are compared with company-wide average values and organizational trend values.

Based on the results, we will implement measures to realize a vibrant workplace environment, such as calling on employees who are highly stressed and preventing mental health problems through interviews with doctors at an early stage.

Metrics and Targets
  • Percentage of employees undergoing regular health checkups: 95% (FY2026)
  • Stress check rate: 95% (FY2026)

Actual progress

1. Consultation rates for regular health checkups

Since fiscal 2021, we have encouraged employees to undergo medical examinations, and the percentage of employees undergoing such examinations has improved significantly.

Unit: people

  FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022 FY2023
Number of subjects 3,358 3,355 3,026 2,571 2,400 2,430
Number of participants 2,223 2,513 2,224 2,314 2,183 2,283
Participation rate 66.2% 74.9% 73.5% 90.0% 91.0% 94.0%

2. Stress check acceptance rate

Since December 2015, we have been using WEB survey method to check and follow up on employee stress indicators for stress checks that are required to be performed.

Unit: people

  FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022 FY2023
Number of subjects 682 809 783 640 623 700
Number of examinees 600 722 683 591 575 649
Examination rate 88.0% 89.2% 87.2% 92.3% 92.3% 92.7%

Health management activities

We have established the Health Management Business Promotion committee member Group in cooperation with the health insurance association. We share priorities through regular meetings and regular reports, and implement activities to promote the health of our employees.

Recommendation for receiving secondary health checkups

As a result of medical checkups, employees requiring secondary medical checkups are encouraged to take such checkups.

In particular, we encourage employees who need to take immediate action in the event of blood pressure or blood sugar by telephone, and if they are unable to receive a check-up after receiving it, we cooperate with industrial physicians and managers in order to prevent the seriousness of the disease.

Cancer checkups

In order to improve the percentage of employees undergoing cancer examinations, we have a system in place for conducting cancer examinations in conjunction with internal group examinations.

Online non-smoking outpatient

With regard to smoking, which is a risk factor for a number of diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and Respiratory diseases, we support the online non-smoking outpatient clinics that complete everything from medical examinations to medication using a smartphone, and provide medical support to improve the habits of smokers.

Walking campaign

Since fiscal 2018, we have conducted a walking campaign to encourage employees to walk with various effects, such as preventing and improving obesity and lifestyle diseases, preventing cancer, and resolving stress. We are working to promote the exercise opportunities of our employees.

Initiatives for Virus Infectious Diseases

Utilizing the experience of the new type of coronavirus, a system has been put in place to launch a task force under Risk Management Committee's order in the event of a new infectious disease occurring going forward.

During the period from 2021 to 2022, a total of three worksite immunizations were conducted for employees, their families, and companies involved with us as part of measures to prevent infectious diseases in the event of an outbreak of the new coronavirus.

In addition, the Sanitary committee member Society provides information from industrial physicians and public health nurses and informs them about the company's response to infectious diseases, and strives to prevent the spread of such diseases by employees and their families.