White Logistics

We endorse the purpose of the "White Logistics" campaign promoted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, and submit a declaration of voluntary action.

In response to the ongoing shortage of truck drivers, which is becoming increasingly serious, we will promote initiatives aimed at realizing sustainable logistics with the aim of securing a stable supply of logistics needed for people's lives and industrial activities, as well as contributing to economic growth.

Initiatives Details of Initiatives
Proposals and Cooperation for Improvement of Logistics When we receive a request from a business partner or logistics operator to reduce waiting time, reduce manual unloading by drivers, streamline incidental work, etc., we will cooperate with logistics outsourcers and respond to discussions sincerely, we will actively make suggestions ourselves.
Use of pallets etc. In cooperation with distribution outsourcers, we will reduce cargo handling time by using carts, folding containers, casters, etc.
Advance provision of information on incoming and outgoing shipments from shippers In order to secure preparation time for logistics operators and shippers when shipping cargo, we also cooperate with logistics outsourcers to provide incoming and outgoing information as soon as possible.
Extension of lead time As a shipper, we strictly adhere to the estimated shipping time so that truck drivers can operate with appropriate breaks. In order to optimize lead times, we will cooperate with the retailer, which is the shipper, and sincerely respond to consultations, and proactively make proposals ourselves.
Use of expressways If a logistics operator consults with us about the use of an expressway and the burden of charges, we will sincerely respond to the consultation.
Consolidation of delivery dates If we receive a proposal from a business partner regarding the consolidation of delivery dates, such as alternate-day delivery or fixed-day delivery, we will sincerely respond to the consultation and proactively make the proposal ourselves.
Separate contracts for fares and charges In the event of the conclusion of a transportation contract, it shall in principle be concluded separately for the consideration for transportation (freight charge) and for services other than transportation (charges).
Cancellation/interruption of operations during unusual weather, etc. When unusual weather conditions such as typhoons, heavy rains, heavy snowfall, or other extreme weather conditions occur, such as cancellation or interruption of operations during extreme weather conditions, or when they are expected to occur, we will not make an unreasonable transportation request.
In addition, in order to ensure the safety of drivers, we will respect the judgment of logistics operators that it is necessary to discontinue or suspend operations.
Joint Distribution Initiatives We will promote joint delivery initiatives in cooperation with industry associations.
Standardization of Packaging Material Size In collaboration with industry organizations, we will promote efforts to standardize the size of packaging materials so that truck loading efficiency and transportation efficiency can be improved.
Future Targets

In cooperation with industry associations and related organizations, we will continue and strengthen initiatives such as "easing delivery lead times" and "improving loading efficiency of trucks," which are effective in improving shortages of truck drivers, and "joint delivery" and "standardization of packaging material sizes," which can improve transportation efficiency.

In addition, we will promote priority issues that we should contribute to realizing a more "white" working environment by cooperating in the establishment of logistics systems that are adapted to a changing society, such as the standardization of logistics service levels.