Applications are limited to those residing in Japan. We apologize, but we cannot accept applications from outside Japan.

How long does the repair process take?

Normally, it takes 7 to 14 days. However, for repairs related to our 100-year coat, it may take approximately 2 months (3 months during busy periods) depending on the nature of the consultation. After receiving the repair item, we will contact you again with details on the repair content, duration, and cost. Upon your confirmation, we will proceed with the repair.

How much is the repair fee?

Please refer to the Repair Menu & Price List PDF(607KB) for detailed information.

How do I pay for the repair fee?

We will send the repaired item via Sagawa Express cash-on-delivery service. Please pay the repair fee to the delivery person. (Separate cash-on-delivery handling fees apply.)

Can you repair brands that have already been discontinued?

Please inquire through the contact form first. Depending on the repair details and the manufacturing/selling period, we may decline certain requests. (When making inquiries, please be sure to provide the 10-digit alphanumeric code listed on the fabric label with care instructions.)

I wore the garment, and the shoulder width feels narrow, causing discomfort. Can it be fixed?

For ready-made clothing, adjusting the shoulder width may not be possible due to limited seam allowances. Additionally, alterations to change the size are not accepted.

Is it possible to repair all types of clothing?

We do not handle repairs for knitwear, cut-and-sew, down (feather) products, and leather products.

Can you adjust the waist size of jeans?

We do not offer waist adjustments for jeans.

The waist adjustment for men's slacks is mentioned to be up to 3cm, but can it be more than that?

When adjusting the waist of men's slacks, we do it at the center back, allowing for adjustments of more than 3cm if there is sufficient seam allowance. However, adjusting more than 3cm may alter the silhouette and result in higher repair costs, so it is not recommended.

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If you have any inquiries, kindly select "Regarding Repair Support" under the "Inquiry Genre" in the form below and submit your questions. After confirming the details, a representative from Sanyo Shokai will respond to you via email.

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