Sustainability Management System

Sanyo complies with social norms such as laws and regulations based on our Basic Sustainability Policy in order to continue to be a company that adheres to its Corporate Principles of "We create social value by providing fashions and apparel that enrich the lifestyles of customers everywhere." We are engaged in a variety of initiatives to conduct corporate activities based on high ethical standards.

Recognizing the importance of responding to issues related to sustainability, we have established a Sustainability Committee directly under the Management Meeting to formulate action plans and monitor progress in response to environmental and social issues facing our company.
The Sustainability Committee is chaired by the Senior Executive Managing Officer and Corporate Management HQ, the heads of major departments serve as committee members, and the Sustainability Promotion Office, which was newly established in March 2022, is in charge of the secretariat. The matters discussed by the committee are decided and approved by the Management Meeting, and are regularly reported to the Board of Directors.
The Sustainability Promotion Office supports each division's sustainability activities, issues monthly reports and conducts training for the purpose of fostering sustainability awareness within the company and reforming employee awareness.

Organization of the Sustainability Committee

Role of the Sustainability Committee

  • Formulation of basic policies for sustainability management
  • Formulation of action plans and progress monitoring for our company's environmental and social issues
  • Proposing actions from a sustainability perspective for business activities
  • Building an internal promotion system

The matters discussed by the committee are decided and approved by the Management Meeting, and regular reports are made to the Board of Directors, thereby establishing a system to ensure appropriate oversight by the Board of Directors.
In fiscal 2023, the committee met 11 times, and presented and reported to the Management Meeting 10 times, and reported to the Board of Directors/Director briefings 7 times.

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