"UPCYCLING THE OCEANS (Up-Cycling Oceans, hereafter "UTO")" is a project led by the European-originated sustainable fashion brand "ECOALF (Ecoalf)" that collects, sorts, and recycles marine plastic waste and gives a new life as a product.

Fishermen take the marine debris they pull up from the ocean floor to the port, separate it, recycle it, and transform it into new products.


Process Flow Diagram of the UPCYCLING THE OCEANS
Photo of the activity of recycling ocean plastic bottles into sneakers

Confronting environmental issues through fashion

By collecting ocean plastic and upcycling it into new products, UTO raises the issue of ocean pollution and proposes a sustainable lifestyle for the future. In addition, a portion of the sales of the BECAUSE collection, which is made up of cut-and-sew items that symbolize the brand, are donated to UTO's activities funds. By enjoying fashion and supporting Ecoalf, customers can participate in environmental conservation and awareness activities.

Collaboration with collaborative partners

Efforts to address SDGs and environmental issues cannot be achieved by individuals alone.

Based on ECOALF's track record of over 10 years in Europe, we will lead action and community building in Japan. We aim to establish UTO in Japan by collaborating with governments and local governments and with partners across industry boundaries.

Activity report

"UTO JAPAN T-shirt" released

Released "UTO JAPAN T-shirt", the first product produced entirely domestically in Japan through Japan's "Ecoalf" route, which is made by separating and recycling plastic bottles from collected marine debris and other materials. (2021)

"UTO JAPAN T-shirt"


Marine garbage collection stocker installed in Shima City

Shima City took the lead in setting up a marine debris stocker at Anori Fishing Port with the cooperation of the Mie Gaiwan Fisheries Cooperative Association Anori Office. We have begun a demonstration experiment in which fishermen are asked to bring back plastic bottles and other marine debris that gets caught in their nets during fishing and put it into stockers. (2021)

Marine debris stocker installed at Anori fishing port in Shima City, Mie Prefecture

Holding and participating in environmental conservation activities (cleanup events)

Implementation locations: Around Shibuya/Futakotamagawa store, around Asakusa showroom, Sumida-ku Sumida-ku, Zushi coast, around Shinsaibashi, Shima-shi coast, Mie prefecture, Kawakami River Park, Maniwa-shi, Okayama prefecture, Miyakojima east coast (2020-2023)

Cleanup event held on Miyakojima in May 2022
Cleanup event held in Shibuya in September 2023
Eight new employees also participated.