Paul Stuart, a men's and women's clothing brand run by Sanyo, supports LOOM NIPPON, a general incorporated association that provides recovery support from the Great East Japan Earthquake. The association was established with the aim of creating employment and providing extensive and continuous support for regional recovery and reconstruction.
Since 2014, we have been jointly implementing the "SAKURA PROJECT" to plant cherry blossom trees in disaster-stricken areas.


The SAKURA PROJECT, developed by the general incorporated association LOOM NIPPON, is a project that has been taking place over the past 20 years in Minamisanriku, Miyagi Prefecture, where many trees were washed away by the tsunami of the Great East Japan Earthquake. By planting 3,000 cherry trees and making it the most famous spot in Tohoku, we hope to bring hope to the future of children.


Paul Stuart was so impressed by this activity that he wanted to convey to as many people as possible the significance of the activity and his desire for the future to make Minamisanriku the best cherry blossom viewing spot in Tohoku. Since 2014, he has been donating to purchase cherry saplings for the annual tree planting festival held in May.

Since then,we have developed specially planned products and have developed them in the men's and women's apparel sales floors and dirsakuractly managed stores, which are operated by department stores nationwide.

For both men's and women's clothing, Loom Nippon and Paul Stuart have jointly planned special products based on the theme of cherry blossoms and the hope associated with cherry blossoms.

In addition, the outer material of the special product is made of high-quality fabric from the British company Dormeuil, which is handled by Dormeuil Japon K.K., which has been supporting "SAKURA PROJECT" in partnership with LOOM NIPPON since 2012. It is a high quality and elegant product.

An example of a previous products

An example of a previous products
An example of a previous products
An example of a previous products

Achievement Progress

Number of cherry trees planted and monetary donations in recent years

Year Number of
cherry trees planted
Amount of
2018 17 trees ¥306,000
2019 17 trees ¥306,000
2020 17 trees ¥306,000
2021 17 trees ¥306,000
2022 17 trees ¥306,000
2023 17 trees ¥306,000
  • Unit price of saplings for planting trees: ¥18,000

Overall Project

Total donations as of October 2023:

Target tree planting:

2863 trees (number of trees planted 1531 trees, planned 1332 trees)

3000 trees

In conjunction with the reconstruction of Minamisanriku Town, the trees will be planted over a long period of time to create the most famous cherry blossom viewing spot in Tohoku.

In the future, Paul Stuart plans to continue to make donations to purchase saplings of cherry trees at the tree-planting festival through the planning and sales of specially planned products.

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