Regarding Home Washing Symbols

What is the normal washing method indicated by symbols like "No line", weak washing "-", and very weak washing "="?

Normal washing "No line":

Depending on the degree of dirt, it is generally safe to use a washing machine's "Regular Wash" cycle or a milder "Soft Wash" cycle. Hand washing is also acceptable.

Weak washing "-":

Use a washing machine's "Regular" or a gentler "Soft Wash" cycle. Hand washing is also acceptable.

Very weak washing "=":

Use the gentlest cycle available in the washing machine or choose a "Hand Wash" cycle.

The above serves as a general guideline, so please refer to the washing machine user manual for details such as the strength of washing machine cycles.

Is there a maximum temperature for hand washing, and how should hand washing be done?

The maximum temperature for hand washing is 40℃. For hand washing, use gentle methods like "Press Washing" or "Swing Washing" without wringing.

Press Washing

This method involves gently pressing and lifting folded laundry with the palm of your hand. Fold the garment with the soiled part facing outward, and press or lift it with your palm in a repeating motion. Ensure that the washing solution penetrates through the fibers by pressing and floating the fabric. Be careful to avoid excessive force and gently wash to prevent distortion.

Rinse by Shaking

For this washing method, leave the laundry unfolded and gently shake, spread, or pinch it to wash delicately. Immerse the garment in the washing solution, then, in the washing bucket, hold both ends gently and shake it back and forth, left and right.

About Bleaching Symbols

What is the difference between chlorine bleach and oxygen bleach?

Chlorine bleach has strong bleaching power and is suitable only for whites, with limited material compatibility. Oxygen bleach can generally be used for whites and colored patterns, with some exceptions. Read the bleach's instructions for proper use.

The white triangle allows bleaching with chlorine bleach or oxygen bleach.

The triangle with diagonal lines indicates that only oxygen bleach can be used.

Can bleach-containing detergents be used if there is a "No Bleach" symbol?

Bleach-containing detergents cannot be used. Neither chlorine bleach nor oxygen bleach is allowed.

About Drying Symbols

What is the specific temperature for "・・" and "・" in tumble drying, and can the temperature be set on a home dryer?

"・・" indicates a maximum of 80℃, and "・" indicates a maximum of 60℃.

On a home dryer, set "・・" to "Strong (High)" and "・" to "Weak (Low)" for drying.

Check the dryer's user manual for temperature settings.

Under what circumstances is the "Drip Dry" symbol used, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of "Drip Dry"?

"Drip Dry" is used for materials prone to wrinkles. Drip drying prevents "wrinkles" caused by dehydration or wringing, making ironing easier after drying.

However, be cautious as wet hanging can stretch the fabric due to the weight of water.

Lightly removing excess water with a towel is recommended.

About Wet Cleaning

How does "Wet Cleaning" differ from home "Hand Washing"?

"Wet Cleaning" is a form of water washing performed by specialists using special techniques.

It is suitable for large items, delicate items prone to color fading or deformation, and items with resin processing.

If there is a "No Home Washing" symbol and a "Wet Cleaning" symbol, it is advisable to entrust it to a cleaning shop.