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Participation in CicroMate, a new resource recycling platform for apparel distribution ~Full-scale operation from December 1 (Friday)~

November 28, 2023Others

CicroMate, a new resource recycling platform for apparel distribution

Full-scale operation from December 1 (Friday) after the demonstration project
Participated in the waste plastic resource recycling business in collaboration with apparel companies utilizing an integrated logistics system

SENKO SHOJI CO., LTD., under the control of Senko Group Holdings Co., Ltd., implemented a demonstration project for a resource recycling platform that efficiently collects and recycles waste plastics by utilizing the distribution and transportation network of apparel. We participated in this demonstration project for four months from August 1, 2023.

Based on the progress of the demonstration project, it was confirmed that the profitability of the project can be secured in this framework. Therefore, We will participate in this project as the resource recycling platform "CicroMate(*)" led by SENKO SHOJI CO., LTD is fully commercialized from December 1, 2023 (Friday).


Head Office: Koto-ku, Tokyo
President and CEO: Hideki Tsutsuki

Senko Group Holdings Co., Ltd

Head Office: Koto-ku, Tokyo
President and CEO: Yasuhisa Fukuda

  • The word "CicroMate" was coined from circulation and cross, material, mate. It expresses our desire to expand the circle of recycling resources beyond the boundaries of industry.

Background of participation in the business

Hanger cover vinyl, which was discarded at distribution warehouses and stores

Sanyo identifies four materialities in sustainability in order to deepen its efforts to address social issues surrounding us, and sets quantitative targets for resolving each of these key issues.

four materialities
  • Contribution to a sustainable global environment
  • Efforts toward a circular economy
  • Further promotion of CSR procurement
  • Creating a rewarding workplace that respects diversity

The current economic system has brought about various problems such as climate crises, resource depletion, loss of biodiversity, and plastic pollution, and there is a need to realize a "circular economy" that eliminates pollution from waste as much as possible and recycles products and raw materials.

In the Japanese apparel industry, too, efforts have been made to collect clothing at stores for recycling and reuse. However, despite the fact that plastic bags for product packaging, such as vinyl hanger covers and vinyl for shirts, knitwear, and cut-and-sew garments, generated in the supply chain process, are discharged in a very clean state, most of them are currently only thermally recovered. In order to material recycle hanger-cover generated at distribution centers and stores, it is essential to efficiently collect thin and widely dispersed waste. To this end, it was necessary to build a cross-sectional system that transcended the boundaries of companies.

For this reason, SENKO SHOJI CO., LTD., a Senko Group company in charge of logistics and warehousing, takes the lead in this initiative, and other apparel companies are also participating in this initiative to realize "Circular Economy Initiatives," one of our materiality issues in the entire supply chain.

”CicroMate” Resource Platform Business

Description of Businesses

SENKO SHOJI CO., LTD., coordinates in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, and manages as a resource the plastic bags used for product packaging, such as vinyl hanger covers and vinyl for shirts/knits/cuts/sewings, which are discarded and discarded at logistics warehouses and stores of apparel companies participating in CicroMate, and purchases them from apparel companies as valuable resources.

Regarding the method of collecting plastic bags, while effectively utilizing the vein supply chain, which has a low cost burden, we will transport the bags to the warehouses operated by SENKO SHOJI measure their weight by discharge company, and then reduce their volume with a compressor to accumulate them in the warehouses.

At a stage where the amount has reached the accumulation in consideration of transportation efficiency, the plastic will be transported to a recycled resin processing plant and converted into recycled resin, which will be used as a material for new hanger cover vinyl. This enables horizontal recycling.

Participating companies

SENKO SHOJI CO., LTD., TOKYO NOHIN DAIKO Co., Ltd., ACROSS TRANSPORT Co., Ltd., Terrarem Group Co., Ltd., Toyotsu Chemiplas Corporation., NAXIS CO.,LTD., Onward Kashiyama Co., Ltd., SANYO SHOKAI LTD., Ships LTD.

Business image
Plastics to be Recovered and Volume Reduction

Future development

In the future, many apparel companies and brands will participate in CicroMate, a project in which all companies that transcend industry and corporate boundaries work together to promote the recycling of waste resources, which is difficult to realize by individual companies. This will help us to establish ourselves in society as a resource recycling platform and become an activity that plays a part in the circular economy.

Going forward, we aim to eliminate barriers between our businesses, such as working with commercial facilities, and, as a "CicroMate," we aim to collect 1,000t plastic bags for product packaging annually in 2025.

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Details of demonstration projects

The demonstration project was led by SENKO SHOJI CO., LTD. and managed waste as a resource in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. While effectively utilizing the vein supply chain, the company used the TOKYO NOHIN DAIKO Co., of a group company and the vehicles of ACROSS TRANSPORT Co., Ltd., sorted plastic discharged from distribution warehouses, stores, etc. when products were delivered to apparel companies, and recovered PE as a raw material for plastic pellets at the Terrarem Group's material recycling facilities. We confirmed that the resin pellets were distributed by Toyotsu Chemi-Plus, sold to NAXIS CO.,LTD., and recycled into original hanger covers for commercial distribution. This demonstration project was confirmed to be sustainable from the perspective of profitability as a business. Going forward, we will develop this platform to enable many apparel companies to participate.

During this demonstration project, Sanyo collected approximately 2.3t of plastic product packaging bags.

Outline of the demonstration project

Empirical period

August 1, 2023 to November 30, 2023

Collection base

Onward Kashiyama Co., Ltd. Shibaura Building 3 and Building 4 (Minato-ku, Tokyo)
SANYO SHOKAI LTD. East Japan Product Center (Ichikawa, Chiba)
Ships LTD. Control Center (Distribution Center) (Koto-ku, Tokyo)

Items to be collected

hanger covers at the time of delivery, plastic bags for packaging knitwear, cut-and-sewn products, etc.

Participating companies

SENKO SHOJI CO., LTD., TOKYO NOHIN DAIKO Co., Ltd., ACROSS TRANSPORT Co., Ltd., Terrarem Group Co., Ltd., Toyotsu Chemiplas Corporation., NAXIS CO.,LTD., Onward Kashiyama Co., Ltd., SANYO SHOKAI LTD., Ships LTD.