Medium-Term Business Plan

Goals for FY2025

Net sales of ¥62.5bn and operating income of ¥3.3bn (OI margin 5.3%) are planned in FY2025.
Aim to secure stable operating income and gradually improve operating income margin.

Net sales



Gross profit margin



SG&A expenses



Operating income margin






Strategy to Achieve Goals

Continuing Structural Reform

Improve KPIs by continuing the structural reform measures implemented in the Revitalisation Plan (organic growth)

Growth Strategy

1. Brand Strategy

  • Improve brand prestige
  • Optimise portfolios

2. Channel Strategy

  • Promote opening of directly managed stores of core brands
  • Strengthen company-wide cross-functional management

3. Marketing Strategy

  • Promote OMO, transition to customer-centered marketing
  • Strengthen digital marketing/CRM

4. EC Strategy

  • Establish platform
  • Strengthen branding + establish a system of mutual support with physical stores

Other measures under consideration (expansion of licensing business, development of overseas business, segment expansion, M&A, etc.)

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