About our response to customer harassment

December 14, 2022

We will promptly and sincerely respond to inquiries regarding our products and services received from customers.
However, please be aware that we may refuse to respond if the following actions are taken when contacting us. In cases of particularly malicious behavior, we may contact the police, lawyers, etc., and take appropriate action.

  • Threats, intimidation, or coercive statements and actions
  • Insults, statements, or actions that deny a person's character
  • Prolonged acts of restraint, such as excessive repetition of the same requests or complaints
  • Requests for services beyond the reasonable scope of warranty
  • Unreasonable demands for apologies to our company without valid reasons or demands for punishment to our company personnel
  • Defamation on social media or the internet
  • Any other statements or actions equivalent to those mentioned above