Company Objectives

In 2013 we celebrated the 70th anniversary of SANYO SHOKAI's founding. Taking the opportunity to create the tagline "TIMELESS WORK." in order to indicate to parties both in and outside the company the direction we are moving in.
After being founded in 1943, SANYO SHOKAI specialized in manufacturing coats for more than 20 years and then grew into its current form, a general apparel company with various brands of men's and women's clothing.
We have grown through our efforts to strengthen our various production technologies, including ones related to sewing, by handling labor intensive items that are complicated to make, such as coats, and to value our insistence on manufacturing by craftsmen.
"TIMELESS WORK." represents our credo of "Truth, Goodness, Beauty" and our goal of "manufacturing by craftsmen that provides timeless value", and we have reexamined our position in the market and adopted this message in order to become a company that citizens can identify with and love.