Since its establishment, Sanyo Shokai has applied the credo of "Truth, Goodness, and Beauty" to all of its operations. By applying the Corporate Philosophy, Basic CSR Policy, and Corporate Code of Conduct, Sanyo Shokai aims to be a company that can continuously contribute to society.

By applying the Corporate Philosophy, Basic CSR Policy, and Corporate Code of Conduct, Sanyo Shokai aims to be a company that can continuously contribute to society.

Company Credo


Sanyo Shokai pursues the ideals of "真(Truth)・善(Goodness)・美(Beauty)"
--the foundation of our company, and the heart of our activities.

Corporate Principles

We create social value by providing fashions and apparel that enrich the lifestyles of customers everywhere.

Basic CSR Policies

Corporate social responsibility is a top priority for Sanyo Shokai. We pursue ongoing improvements in corporate value by making and selling apparel and offering services that are socially useful.
We are committed to satisfying, and building trust among all our stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers, and local communities, by always ensuring that our operations are socially appropriate.

Corporate Code of Conduct

* The corporate code of conduct indicates the values that form the basis for what we consider important.

1) With customers

・・・We shall pursue customer comfort and satisfaction and strive to provide quality products and services.

(1) We shall handle the complaints and demands from customers promptly and sincerely.
(2) We shall make every effort so that we are able to gain the trust of customers.
(3) We shall observe laws and regulations and safely protect and manage the personal information and privacy of customers.

2) With suppliers

・・・We shall strive with sincerity to develop good partnerships in order to expand mutual corporate value.

(1) We shall maintain a sound and good relationship with suppliers, and we shall not abuse our superior bargaining position.
(2) We shall mutually eliminate offering of unfair profits and convenience, and we shall conduct fair and transparent transactions.
(3) We shall respect our mutual intellectual property and strive to protect the rights thereto.
(4) We shall thoroughly manage the information learned in the course of business and rigorously prevent the leakage and divulgence of confidential information, personal information, etc.

3) With employees

・・・We shall respect each employee and encourage employees to promote their independence and creativity.

(1) We shall strive to maintain and improve the human resource management system and working conditions so that employees can realize a sense of fulfilment.
(2) We shall respect privacy and human rights. We shall not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment.
(3) We shall observe workplace rules as well as laws and regulations and create a sound workplace environment.

4) With shareholders

・・・We shall strive to increase corporate value, share its results, and maintain the transparent and sound management.

(1) We shall conduct timely and appropriate disclosure of corporate information.
(2) We shall actively promote IR activities and strive for mutual understanding with the shareholders.
(3) We shall thoroughly manage internal information and prevent insider dealing.

5) With society

・・・We shall adhere to laws and ordinances as a good corporate citizen, take into consideration environmental issues, and engage in CSR activities.

(1) We shall have absolutely no interaction with antisocial forces that pose a threat to the order and safety of civil society.
(2) We shall strive for interactive communication with society through a broad range of PR activities, and we shall fulfill our social responsibilities.
(3) We shall exert our maximum efforts so that our business activities and our products and services do not burden the global environment.
(4) Not only observing domestic and foreign laws and regulations, we shall maintain a good relationships with local communities by respecting cultures and customs, and actively conduct CSR activities.